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Christian Kuhlmann - Atelier für Cembalobau

The leasing costs are – according to custom – calculated per day and mount up to 1% of the value plus VAT.
As a general rule: for longer projects at one place I fully charge the first and last day, and invoice half as much for the days lying in between.
In addition to that there are the tuning work and costs for transport. With all these parameters I can then calculate the individual price.
The harpsichord is covered by insurance. In the event of damage or loss you bear the excess of 80 €.


VAT(T)ER-HEMSCH, one harpsichord with two sound characteristics: 300.00 € per day plus VAT.

ANDREAS RUCKERS, Antwerp 1644: 180.00 € per day plus VAT.

THE NEW LITTLE RUCKERS: 200,00 € per day plus VAT.